Raising a healthier generation together

Of all the milestones from your little one’s first year, starting solids is a journey you will never forget, and we want to have a profound impact on that journey. We’re here to enhance your little one’s developing palates and help them experience the wonderful world of food.
The Monster’s Table wants to make sure every mum is met with an eager mouth that’s wide open, and a delightful smile and giggle after every bite. 
We know its time-consuming to shop, wash, chop, cook, portion and then clean the mess to make fresh food for your little ones, and then also learn what nutrients those meals should include.
This is where The Monster’s Table comes in.
We want to give parents the opportunity to invest in their child’s health while still having time to spend with their family.

We never hide veggies!

By hiding veggies, we teach our little one to prefer the sweet foods we are using to trick them and not the food that’s actually good for them. Our approach is to help them fall in love with veggies and teach them to choose veggies consciously. And this is why we don’t hide our veggies!

We use Herbs and Spices

Seasoning is important in training our little one’s palates. We season our food with herbs/spices like garlic and thyme to train baby palates to take on bold and savory flavors from the very first bite. This makes them less likely to become picky eaters later in life. Out with the bland, in with flavor!

Why we do it?

Short Answer: To give you (the parent) a break. 
Long(er) Answer: Because you probably spend too much time doing some or all of the activities below:
  • Educating yourself about what your child should eat.

  • Looking up recipes online.

  • Asking friends about meal recommendations. 

  • Finding the quality produce you’re looking for.

  • Preparing meals or giving someone else instructions on how to prepare them.

Well, we are here to alleviate you of all of that. 
We know that we can help make your life easier while also making sure your child is eating healthy.

Our Values

If we wouldn’t feed it to our children, we will never offer it to yours.
We believe that it’s our responsibility to make sure your children’s meals arrive fresh and on time, every time. No excuses.
Quality and freshness will never be compromised. We prepare the meals in small batches and we enforce tight quality control measures.
We share with you every step of our process from farm to your doorstep. The package you receive will also be “literally” transparent.
We’re committed to life-long learning ourselves and we follow all reliable child nutrition sources thoroughly to stay on the edge of the sector’s knowledge frontier.


Why us?

Here are some of the things that make us special: 
  • We offer the best fresh food on the market for your child.
  • All our meals are created and designed by a passionate mama, who is also a certified Paediatric Nutritional Advisor.
  • We source responsibly.
  • We guarantee fresh deliveries.
  • We measure our success by the satisfaction levels of yourself and your baby, not by any other numbers.
  • No preservatives, no additives, and no heat processes of any sort are applied to the meals.
  • We genuinely want to help you.