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MONSTERS -17.png

Hello There! I have issues with textures. I think carrots are too hard, yogurt is too slimy and cucumbers are too smooth. help me find a texture I can enjoy.


MONSTERS -15.png


I'm Poppy. I only eat plain food like bread, biscuits and pasta. I'm not getting enough nutrition and need healthy food to accompany my plain basics

MONSTERS -16.png


I'm Willow, I am the ultimate picky eater. I'm afraid of trying anything new. Anything green scares me, and I love the word "no". I throw major tantrums when mum says "It's dinner time". I need to be eased into liking veggies.

MONSTERS -20.png


Hello, I'm Zuri. I used to eat anything and everything but now I suddenly lost all interest in food. A new familiar favorites could bring my appetite back.


MONSTERS -14.png

hey you! I'm zanderI'm an adventurous eater. I love experiencing new flavors, textures and sensations. Nothing is ever off limits! mealtime is an event not a battle.