Our Story

Like every mother, I simply wanted the best for my child. I wanted to ensure I could provide her with the very best chance of a healthy upbringing, and I knew starting good habits early was the way to go.
I refused to give my daughter pasteurized produce and decided to search the market for fresh baby food instead, but the market didn’t take long to disappoint me. I became aware of the lack of options available in Egypt that were delicious, convenient, fresh, and more importantly nutritious.
I decided to push my own boundaries and create the freshest baby food possible. I studied to be a Child Nutrition Advisor, read a few books, bought a blender, and the idea of The Monster’s Table was born!
Inspired by my daughter, Jalilah, for whom I created a magical range of homemade baby purées, I took the plunge into mumpreneurship and launched The Monster’s Table to help more mums and take more babies on exciting culinary adventures.
My Philosophy

If I wouldn't feed it to my little one, I won't feed it to yours! I want to help other parents have a stress-free mealtime while feeding their little ones the freshest, tastiest, and healthiest food possible, even if they don’t have time to do all the work themselves.